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Commercial Water

We work with public and private entities to drill large supply water wells and engineer and implement water systems and water treatment solutions. We are one of the region’s largest contractors that design, implement, and service Ohio EPA public water supply systems.
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Commercial Water Services Manager
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Water Well Drilling/RehabWater System Installation/RepairWater TreatmentSampling and Testing

Water Well Drilling
We have the expertise and latest equipment to meet your drilling needs. We utilize sonic, rotary and cable tool drilling methods for new well construction, which ensures that we install the best possible well for the area in which we are drilling.  Our drilling crews have a breadth of experience.

Existing Water Well Rehabilitation
Older wells my experience iron/mineral accumulation over time and become “dirty”, which may also lead to a loss of production.  We use cable tool drilling methods to correct these situations.  The drill tools used are:

  • A bristle brush to effectively clean the casing and borehole.
  • A surging tool washes the cleaning chemicals in and out of the water bearing zones.
  • A bailing tool to remove all the debris from the well.

Our well rehabilitation/clean-out process has led to thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

To learn more about Commercial water well drilling and water well rehabilitation, please contact Doug Frontz or submit a request for quote here.

Water System Installation
We specialize in the connection of a new or existing water well to a commercial building or municipal water supply.  We also provide agricultural / irrigation system installations.  We engineer all of our water systems (including pumps, flow control, and other equipment) to ensure high-quality product and implementation.

OEPA Public Water Systems
We are capable of assisting in the design and performing the installation for any Ohio EPA (“OEPA”) regulated water system.  From pump and tank sizing, pump testing and chemical analyses to detailed plan submittal, we can make sure that your new or existing system meets all the necessary requirements.

Water System Service
We service existing private and public water systems, operating after hours and on the weekend to ensure that our customers’ critical operations do not go long without water. We can service water systems installed by Frontz Drilling and other contractors.

To learn more about Commercial water system installation or servicing an existing water system, please contact Doug Frontz or submit a request for quote here.

Water Treatment Solutions
In conjunction with our water system installations, we also design and implement full line water treatment solutions, including the following:

  • Water Softeners
  • Iron & Sulfur Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems
  • Chlorination Systems
  • pH Correction Systems

To learn more about Commercial water treatment solutions, please contact Doug Frontz or submit a request for quote here

Water Sampling and Testing
We conduct water sampling and testing services in order to test the quality of water or determine the yield of a water well. These results are critical in properly engineering a water system and water treatment solution in order to maximize the yield and quality of water.

Our sampling and testing services include:

  • On-Site Water Analysis
  • Laboratory Water Analysis (Bacteria Testing)
  • Water Well Flow Rate / Draw-down Tests
  • Water Well Video Camera Inspection  Services

To learn more about Commercial sampling and testing services, please contact Doug Frontz or submit a request for quote here.