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About Us

Frontz Drilling, Inc is a full-service water well and environmental drilling company headquartered in Wooster, Ohio.  We have been family-owned and operated since 1933.

What We Do

We have drilled more than 25,000 wells and installed more than 10,000 water systems since our founding. We have operated in over 20 states across the U.S.

Frontz Drilling constantly strives to meet every single one of our customers needs. We perform the following work:

  • Residential and commercial water well drilling
  • Residential and commercial water systems
  • Water testing and analysis
  • Environmental drilling and soil/rock testing
  • Geotechnical explorations
  • Monitor well and instrumentation installation
  • Hydrogeological consulting

We are one of the most diverse firms in the industry and will take on any challenge to meet our customers needs.

What We Value

We believe that aligning our core values such as integrity, quality, safety, and sustainability with the needs of our customers is the only way to do business.

Integrity: Our culture is grounded in integrity. We treat our customers, subcontractors, and other partners with respect and always strive to do the right thing.  Integrity is our most valuable asset.

Quality: We value excellence and integrity. The reliability of our performance and the enduring quality of our projects are evidenced in our quality work for our customers. We constantly look for new, innovative ways to serve our customers.

Safety:  We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our employees and work hard to provide them with the training necessary to complete the job without injuries and damage to property, equipment, and the environment.

Sustainability: We are committed to providing services and products that improve economic, environmental, and societal outcomes. Our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to clients in support of their sustainability objectives, including providing access to fresh water and promoting a clean environment.


Frontz Drilling actively participates in industry associations. Our leadership currently holds, or has held, senior leadership positions in many of these associations.  We actively participate in conferences and trade shows to remain apprised of industry innovations, trends, and the latest techniques and methods for increasing the effectiveness of our service offerings for our customers.

We are currently members of the following associations:

  • National Drilling Association
  • National Ground Water Association
  • Ohio Water Well Association
  • Home Builders Association
  • Wooster Chamber of Commerce





Frontz Drilling founded by E.E. Frontz in Jefferson Ohio. Drilled first well in the barn at his residence using a homemade drill rig that he had built. Started doing the same for several neighbors in the area.


E.E. Frontz purchases first truck-mounted drilling rig.  First support vehicle was a former Studebaker Hurst Ambulance.


E.E. Frontz and children begin installing pumps for local Wooster residents.


R.E. Frontz purchases family business from E.E. Frontz and siblings, becomes sole proprietor. Purchase price was $4,700.


R.E. Frontz drills first elevator shaft in Wooster, Ohio. R.E. Frontz would go onto drill thousands of elevator shafts over the next several decades.


R.E. Frontz rapidly expands company and geographical footprint, venturing into commercial, municipal, environmental, denaturing and other drilling services.


Doug Frontz, Steve Frontz, and Rod Frontz purchase company from R.E. Frontz and formally incorporate as Frontz Drilling, Inc. Environmental division of Frontz Drilling, Inc is also started.

1990s and 2000s

Frontz Drilling operates throughout the Midwest and Eastern region, eventually serving customers in over 20 states.